Blip Knits is a sustainable, luxury knitwear brand located in British Columbia, Canada.
Founded by self-taught knitwear designer and pattern writer, Rebecca Louwerse, she started with the mission to create the perfect winter hat.
Inspired by the raw beauty of British Columbia, the designs support the natural elegance, of adventurous ladies who enjoy a cup of tea.
The Blip sweater was the next mission. Who doesn't love feeling free in all aspects of life? Especially in your clothes. A comfortable person is a happy person. With inspiration from the classic Aran knit sweater from Ireland, we  have updated the shape and continued the tradition of knitwear artwork. Each pattern is written in-house by Rebecca, memorized and re-created in limited quantities. These sweaters are stronger than any trend.
From smashing down a mountain, kayaking that river, walking the icy streets of Montreal, or staying home and drinking tea, it is Blip Knits' mission to create garments of comfort, style and warmth. We are Canadian.
Blip Knits vision
It is Blip Knits mission to bring manufacturing back to Canada, support our local alpaca and sheep farmers and to create an ethical product that we can all be proud to wear. We work with natural fibres only, in hope of reducing the use of plastic in today's world, where acrylics, polyesters and other synthetic materials rule the fashion industry. We are keeping it eco one garment at a time.
Our sweaters and hats are currently hand knit. Scaling production is no easy task when ethics and environment are more important than the bottom line. The purchase of a industrial knitting machine is the vision. Keeping 100% of the production in Canada is priority. We hope you will follow our growth. It is our loyal customers who give energy to the Blip brand everyday and it's an honour to have you visiting this page. Thank you for stopping in!